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Sean Sidelko's Website

This is the home page for my new site. Right now it is still in development. I have a few links and such ready to go, but the bulk of the site and the content for the site, aren't quite there yet.

This will be a site about me, possibly friends and family. I also have which I think will be used for hosting pages for family members and what not. Or maybe just redirects to their site.

Below is a picture of one of my favorite running days. This picture is taken the day after the blizzard of March 2003 that shut down all of Denver, closing the city for a few days, colspasing the roof at Vinyl and caused numerious insurance claims and things. This is me, running shirtless, through Kitt field in Boulder. :)

What site am I working on currently?

The site that I am currently working on is It is a user generated content question and answer site. It is free to sign up and post questions and answers. People who are awarded answers will earn ongoing AdSense revenue though Google AdSense for the questions that they are awarded. View the WebAnswers Sitemap to view all the questions on the site.